Workshops Diary

My workshops run throughout the year. Below is a diary showing each of the workshops currently planned, and a clear summary of the content that will be taught, and activities.

I hope you find many things that are of interest. Each workshop is graded from 'Beginner', 'Intermediate' or 'Advanced' to aid in knowing what level of ability the workshop is suited too. If you have any additional creative interests that you would like to see me offering, please do contact me by phone or email, stating your interests and I will be keen to look at your ideas for the future. In addition, if you have a group of 5 friends or family that you would like me to arrange a bespoke workshop for, again I will be very keen to try to arrange this for you.

My workshop are always developing and expanding with new topics etc. Keep in touch and look at this page periodically to see new additions.

Workshop Diary

1. An introduction to Art & Craft as a Hobby.


2. An introduction to Photography as a creative Hobby.


3. Starting an 'Art Journal'.


4. You don't have to be good at 'Drawing' but if definitely helps. Learning the skills of drawing.


5. Understanding 'Colour' and how to use this knowledge skillfully and creatively.


6. An introduction to 'Design'. Creating a 'Greetings Card' as a way to understand these principles.


7. Introductory Painting Workshop. Making a 'Creative Mini Landscape Painting' to learn and develop key painting skills.


8. Developing creative photography skills using your mobile phone.


9. An introduction to 'Simple Printing Techniques' for mixed media art and craft.


10. Pebble Painting. Creating very personal, 3 dimensional designs on natural objects.


11. Intermediate level Photography. Learning how to skilfully use a camera and understand the key areas of knowledge.


12. Introduction to making 'Art on Glass'. Designing as small Glass Vase.