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My 'Music & Worship Ministry' can be explained in two parts:


I have been involved in Corporate Worship all my life. I am both a Musician and Solo & Harmony Singer. The instruments I play are as follows: 1) Saxophone, 2) Harmonica, 3) Clarinet, & 4) Percusssion. Although I can read music, my passion and inspiration for music has its roots in 'Improvised Jazz'. So where ever possible I choose to not use music, but improvise around a Worship Tune, adding my own harmonies and jazz improvisations etc. This ministry is used every week at the Church I attend, but can easily be incorporated into the worship of Churches I visit, or into special Praise Events that are planned separately to normal services etc.


A very different, second strand to this music ministry, is my 'Solo Concerts'. Here I play a wide variety of instrumental music, on my own, along to backing tracks. Such concerts can be a mixture of Christian Instrumentals and Secular Compositions. The focus is not so much on Traditional Worship, but, on providing a 'Concert Format of Music', that is uplifting to listen too, and ministers to both Christians and Secular People alike. It is aimed at providing in a very relaxed and non-confrontational atmosphere, of entertaining music. I provide all my own equipment and amplification etc. This is not a money making venture, but to cover costs, sometimes a small, nominal entrance fee is asked for. As an aside, I do sometimes give Solo Instrumental Concerts for completely secular events where no Christian music is played, so this is an additional option.

I hope the above is of interest, for more information, do not hesitate to contact me.